Future Plans

For the 2017-2018 school year, the North Raleigh Honor Band will not have a season. Over the past two years, we have found this endeavor to be very fulfilling, but also very challenging. We have truly enjoyed working with the musicians and creating a program that has succeeded in many ways. That being said, we have certainly had our challenges and obstacles. With our founder, Hannah, going to college at Wake Forest in the fall and our program being less established than we had anticipated it would be at this point, it is not practical to continue the Honor Band next school year. Despite this break, Music is Instrumental is not done for good and the North Raleigh Honor Band may not be either. In coming years, we may reopen the North Raleigh Honor Band or pursue other branches of our vision and mission.

Thank you to the community members who have supported this endeavor over the past two years!